The History of BCLS Landscape Services

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Our Story

It all started…

In 1977 when our company CVO (Chief Visionary Officer) Steven Cohen, a young, energetic entrepreneur went to work for his horticulturist neighbor Emanuel Shemin. As Steven’s passion for the industry grew, so did his knowledge for building all types of landscaped environments. Steven’s career in the landscape-snow industry spans a over forty years as a business owner, business executive and industry consultant, speaker and frequent columnist for industry trade publications. Steven’s passion for the landscape-snow industry is unwavering, more so; his purpose in building lasting relationships is of utmost importance to him and for his entire TEAM.

Here we are today…

Steven and his family have lived in Richmond for over five years. Their love for the area led them to the decision to become part of Richmond’s business community. In 2016, PrimeSites Landscape Group Holdings, LLC acquired BCLS, Inc. and rebranded the company BCLS Landscape Services. Today, BCLS Landscape Services has BCLS Landscape Services Historyexperienced the re-birth of its brand, It’s Vision|Mission & Values. While the BCLS of the past was founded on similar said values, under the current executive leadership, these values are exemplified on a daily basis through both individual and TEAM actions. Our  executive leadership TEAM guide BCLS Landscape Service on three specific principles;



At BCLS Landscape Service we know that PEOPLE are our number one asset.  Even more important than having the right people is making sure they are in the right position. As a business we understand this mindset to be the first major component to building the best landscaping company, and we’ve been made it our priority. At BCLS Landscape Services we work hard to create an atmosphere people are continually inspired to GROW through Purpose|Passion|Pride.


In additional to great people, being the best involves having solid operating systems. At BCLS Landscape Services, we have created what we call our ‘Quality Operating System’, or QOS. At its core, are hundreds of written systems and process that govern our service delivery model. While we make mistakes, we want to learn from each one. Our customer-centric service delivery model operates on the mantra of ‘Quality work is a daily expectation, not an exception.


Lastly, being the best requires win-win partnerships with our vendors and clients. At BCLS Landscape Services our definition of a WIN-WIN PARTNERSHIPS is based in the real fact that formal contracts don’t make successful relationships, people do. It requires a willingness to create a foundation on which trust, loyalty, and commitment can be built. We engage in every relationship with this mindset.

Our Company Today…

We are working hard to grow our business by improving, expanding and creating new business opportunities, while continuing to refine and improve our service delivery model. To achieve these goals, we empower our TEAM members with an entrepreneurial mindset, a willingness to take to be self-thinkers, and a realization that in order to succeed you need to be different. We view each relationship as an ‘opportunity’, not just another ‘job’.

We’re especially excited about the changes taking place within our organization including a substantial investment in our operating infrastructure, human-talent and growing into new service segments and markets throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

Above all, as we try to be careful stewards of our environment, we are focusing on new opportunities in the areas of green initiatives and sustainability with regards to how we deliver our services to our customers.


BCLS Landscape Services will strive to grow our organization through our people, technology, best management practices and by exceeding the expectations of our clients. We will continuously improve our skills as individuals and as a company in order to distinguish us apart from our competition. We will work hard and commit ourselves to building and maintaining distinctive landscaped environments which bring our clients exceptional curb appeal.


At BCLS Landscape Services, We will aspire to be different through Innovation. Committed to building and maintaining landscapes of distinction within our defined markets.We will strive to provide the highest value to all our stakeholders, the communities in which we operate and always with a critical eye towards quality, service and safety.


are simple, yet impactful in the way we will conduct ourselves as individuals & as a TEAM.


Our Corporate Values and Tenets – BCLS Landscape

BCLS Landscape Services of Central Virginia

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