Residential Irrigation in Richmond

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Residential Irrigation Services:

Our irrigation experts will design & install the Right System for your residence.

At BCLS Landscape Services, our irrigation experts will custom design your irrigation system based on your project’s needs and budget. Whether you need a new system or renovate an old system, our crews will design a system based on efficiency and water conservation.

Our Irrigation Services Include:

Design and Installation:

BCLS Landscape Services Irrigation division offers full design and installation of complete or partial underground sprinkler systems for both new and existing residential homes. We offer free estimates for new installations.  A certified designer will visit you at your location, and you will receive a professionally designed plan for your irrigation system. Our highly qualified installation crew will be sent to your home to install your new system with little disruption to your yard.

Seasonal Services:

Seasonal service, maintenance, remodeling, and repair are always available. Evergreen Irrigation has eight technicians qualified to service and repairs your system.

SPRING TURN-ON: (Spring Activation)

Beginning as early as March, please call our office to set up an appointment to have your sprinkler system turned on and ready to function for the spring and summer months. An Irrigation Service technician will visit your home, turn on the water to your system, adjust heads, reset the clock, and complete any adjustments or repairs your system may need.

Service Includes: Re-installing any winterization plugs/caps left out for the winter, turning on the water to the system, going through each zone individually, and adjusting and checking each head. In addition, the technicians will check for visible leaks, check rain sensors, and set the controller to your specifications.


Our seasonal wet-checks are typically performed in June and July. An Irrigation Technician will test each zone of your system and make any necessary adjustments to heads. We will also adjust your run times based on the current environmental conditions.


As early as late September and early October, please call our office to set up an appointment to winterize your system. During this process, your sprinkler system is “blown out.” As a result, water is removed from all system components to prevent any damage due to freezing.

Service includes: Shutting off the water to the system, draining the RPZ assembly, and using compressed air at 125 cfm at 60 psi to force the water out of the system through each zone and head.

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