Commercial Landscaping Services in Central Virginia

Commercial Landscaping Services in Central Virginia - BCLS Landscape Services

BCLS Landscape Services of Richmond Va

As a single-source provider, our commercial landscape services excel at keeping commercial landscapes attractive and functioning as they were intended.

Commercial Landscape Management Services:

We perform no-cost site evaluations, landscape design and installation services, maintenance, pest-control applications and the latest in landscape irrigation systems. We employ innovative technologies and proven green practices to improve sustainability. Plus, we function as your eyes and ears on the ground to boost curb-appeal and increase the value of your investment.

As a single-source provider, our commercial landscape services excel at keeping your property looking its best season after season…

At BCLS Landscape Services we provide complete commercial landscape maintenance services at competitive rates to commercial properties throughout Central Virginia. We guarantee your satisfaction, thanks to our leadership, service and accountability we are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Our Commercial Landscape Management Services include:

  • Commercial Landscape Management - BCLS Landscape ServicesSpring Property Preparation
  • Turf Grass Management
  • Aeration and Over-Seeding
  • Tree & Shrub Care
  • Site Policing
  • Leaf Removal
  • Floriculture and Seasonal Color
  • Tree and Shrub Pruning
  • Mulch Installation
  • Irrigation Service
  • Snow & Ice removal

Commercial Properties We Serve…

Home Owner’s Associations

We understand that property managers and boards of directors are presented with a unique set of challenges each day — and we have an intimate understanding of those challenges. In our commercial landscape management services for HOAs, we work to turn these challenges into opportunities, so you can grow your properties’ value and the job of managing your properties is easier.

We know that every property is different and we work with our clients to customize commercial landscape maintenance solutions to meet their needs.


Multi-Family properties are complex period. BCLS Landscape Services ownership got its start serving multi-family properties, we understand the ins and outs of these operations — as well as the need to make every dollar used on every property go further.

BCLS Landscape Services professionals work with the property management teams and asset managers to create a customize a commercial landscape solution that helps to keep occupancy and resident satisfaction high. We offer a variety of commercial landscape maintenance services to our multi-family property clients.


Whether your properties are among Central Virginia’s highest-profile office campuses or small, single-tenant locations, the BCLS Landscape Services team will understands your needs.

Through our extensive list of commercial landscape maintenance services, we can help you reduce costs and build value for your office property assets. Whether your goal is to renovate property to position for a sale or to develop a long-term plan to build occupancy, we know how to help.


Commercial Landscape Management - BCLS Landscape ServicesWhile these properties also suffer more daily traffic and everyday “wear and tear” than most other commercial properties. Thanks to our years of experience working with these properties, BCLS Landscape Services is uniquely suited to provide a range of commercial landscape maintenance services.

We understand the challenges these high-traffic properties and their property managers must deal with each day. Our commercial landscape maintenance team can help you to build asset value while keeping your properties immaculate and seasonally attractive.


This broad sector of properties includes churches, hospitals, country clubs, colleges and government branches. We provide landscape design and installation services, commercial landscape management services and water management services for these institutional facilities to ensure they’re running at peak performance at all times.


Industrial properties that don’t see a lot of consumer visitors and other passersby deserve beautiful landscaping — and that landscaping deserves to be well maintained and healthy! Industrial properties’ unique uses and of our clients’ unique needs require a tailored approach to commercial landscape maintenance services. In addition to providing exceptional landscape services, we also work to be an additional set of eyes on the properties. Our team will work with your budget to make sure that your investment is managed wisely.

Headquartered in Ashland Virginia, with offices in Fredericksburg VA and Hampton Roads VA, BCLS Landscape Services serves commercial properties throughout the entire Central and Tidewater regions of Virginia.

BCLS Landscape Services of Central Virginia

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