Residential Outdoor Lighting in Richmond

BCLS Landscape Services

Landscape Lighting:

At BCLS Landscape Services, we showcase your property’s best features, such as that beautiful oak tree in the center of your lawn, through a lighting system designed by one of our landscape lighting designers. Your personalized design incorporates a variety of lighting styles to complement your home’s interior or landscape specifically.

The services we offer include: 


We select fixtures that create the perfect balance and effect for your home’s interior or landscape.



Our electricians and landscapers install your custom lighting solution quickly and professionally, and a clean-up crew will give your grounds a manicured look.



A maintenance contract protects the integrity of your lighting system through regularly scheduled visits.

Landscape Lighting Design Criteria’s:

Your lighting project starts with an on-site design consultation. Next, we’ll view your property together, identifying areas that need illumination and features you’d like to accent. As you share your ideas, we’ll recommend options to make them work. This collaborative exchange is the basis for the customized design we’ll present at the end of the meeting.

Lighting Design Considerations…

Function. We choose lights that match your needs, from safety and security to atmosphere and appearance.


We use various lighting techniques to create a balanced, multidimensional effect that enhances your property’s visual appeal.


We place fixtures, so they blend into the surroundings while drawing attention to the lighted area.


Our energy-efficient designs reduce costs and minimize environmental impact.

Fast, Efficient Installation. as soon as you give the word, we’ll get started! You’ll be amazed at how fast and easy we’ll do your project—we complete installations 75% faster than our competitors. Most projects are completed within one day!

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