BCLS Landscape Services is a full service commercial landscaping company. We undertake every aspect of landscaping from initial site analysis to landscape design and ongoing care property care. Seamlessly, it is our goal to be an industry leader in sustainability in Central Virginia. As with most operational businesses, there is an environmental impact as we carry out our business and our daily lives. It is up to us to ensure that this impact is minimized and our final product impacts positively on the environment.

For us, sustainability is our future and it is at the heart of all we do. We feel a strong sense of responsibility to act as guardians of the landscaped environments we care for. We implement sustainability in the work we do, the office we work in, the strategic direction we follow, the relationships we develop and the way we live our lives.

Our vision is to design, implement and care for creative, environmentally sustainable landscapes that, where possible, will improve the immediate and greater environment.

At BCLS Landscape Services we believe in our people and we continually strive to developed a work environment that is safe, healthy and happy. We support individual development, TEAM work, equal opportunity employment and a positive work-life balance.

We hope that through our sustainable actions, our TEAM, our clients and the wider population are motivated to act and live in an environmentally sustainable manner.

As the leader of our company, I am personally committed to these principles and pledge that we will make every effort to meet them.

Steven A. Cohen President
Chief Executive Officer

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