A Note from BCLS Landscape Services on COVID-19

A Note from BCLS Landscape Services

on COVID-19

BCLS Landscape Services of Central Virginia

As concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to escalate, we wanted to reach out to you personally to let you know our team is operating business as usual. We are monitoring the situation closely.

The health and safety of our employees, clients and trade partners are our number one priority.

Internally, we have developed the following steps to prevent the spread of the virus:

  • Our employees have been instructed to perform regular sanitation and follow CDC guidelines
  • If any BCLS Landscape Services TEAM starts feeling ill, they are advised to stay at home and consult with their physician, while informing us of the outcome immediately.
  • We have restricted access within our company office to only those of executive, management or administrative staff.
  • We have posted (COVID-19) information throughout our facility.
  • We have provided written information to all our TEAM members on (COVID-19) and proper sanitation and healthcare.

Additionally, we are aware project schedules may be impacted by federal, state and local government-mandated closings or possible supply chain disruptions. We will communicate accordingly with our clients if delays in us performing work on your project are imminent.

Our business partnerships are our priority. We are grateful for your support and teamwork. Further updates may be sent to you via email blast. Additionally, you may follow us on our social media platforms for our latest developments.

Thank you for your understanding and commitment during this challenging time.

Stay healthy and blessings during this difficult time.


Steven Cohen

Chief Visionary Officer

BCLS Landscape Services