Fall Lawn and Landscape Cleanup Services For Commercial Property

Fall Lawn and Landscape Cleanup Services

for Your Central VA Commercial Property

BCLS Landscape Services of Central Virginia

Do you feel the crispness in the air? That signals the beginning of autumn, and if you’re a realtor, HOA, or property manager, that means it’s time for your commercial property’s fall clean up.

At BCLS Landscape Services, we take pride in maintaining your property’s fall lawn care and landscaping needs.

What’s Included in a Fall Cleanup for a Commercial Property?

Fall Cleanup leaf truckOur long-term clients know that we’re on top of the seasons and needs of their commercial property. If you’re looking to partner with a landscape service to meet your needs and seamlessly go through one season into the other, then you need us.

Our online calendar delineates exactly the lawn care and landscaping jobs that we do for our commercial clients. We’re also available 24/7 to take care of any emergency landscape issues that occur after office hours.

Here is what’s on our commercial calendar that covers the fall—specifically October and November:


  • Fall leaf removal begins

  • Fall shrub pruning and shaping

  • Turf mowing and edging as needed

  • Begin fall annual flower installation

  • Treat disease and insect incidences on turf and shrubs

  • Finish fall turf fertilization using a high potassium fertilizer

  • Complete fall aeration, overseeding, and fertilization of fescue turf

  • Finish fertilizing all trees and shrubs with balanced fertilization.


  • Spot mowing as needed

  • Leaf removal—this is the most time-consuming item during November 

  • Turf edging as needed

  • Shrub pruning as needed and begin winter pruning

  • Turn off the property’s irrigation system and winterize it

  • Post-emergence weed control as needed for shrubs and turf

  • Fertilize, weed, and deadhead flowers only if we installed your flowers

  • Finish fall annual flower installations.

Fall Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping Focuses on Preparation

As you can tell from the lists above, our turf maintenance program starts wrapping up in October and finishes around the same time that the grass stops growing.

We’ll continue to edge and spot mow into November to give your commercial property a manicured finish before winter arrives.fall cleanup central virginia

We must get those leaves off the property’s turf areas to prevent the grass from developing snow mold. We cut your grass low during our last mow of the season—that way, the turfgrass won’t be long going into winter.  

And you’ll notice that the last lawn fertilization includes fertilizer that’s higher in potassium. Why do we do that? 

It’s simple. Potassium helps turfgrass develop deep roots to find moisture and nutrition during the cold, winter months.

Likewise, potassium also protects plant cells from bursting when the temperatures head toward the 32ºF mark.

We’re also winding down our landscape maintenance programs—including weed control, fertilization, and insect control. We want your property to have healthy plant specimens throughout the winter. Our goal includes your shrubs and ornamental trees bouncing back in the spring.

We don’t want any insects overwintering in your shrubs either. So, we inspect your shrubs for any signs of insects or disease in November.

We’ll also trim your shrubs, so heavy snow and ice won’t lay on them, causing winter injury. And we provide a balanced shrub and fertilizer, so your woody ornamentals get the nutrients they need to survive the winter.

BCLS Landscape Services Puts You, the Customer, First

At BCLS Landscape Services, we put you, our commercial customer, first. We anticipate your lawn maintenance and landscaping needs. Plus, we provide a second set of eyes on your property during off-hours.

We take pride in our work, and we value long-term relationships with property managers, realtors, HOA boards, and property owners. You can count on us to deliver fall lawn care and landscaping maintenance services on-time and done professionally.

Make your appointment today by calling us at (804) 752-0052 or filling out our contact form. We look forward to working with you to maintain your commercial property’s fall lawn care and landscaping needs.

BCLS serves residential and commercial properties throughout Central Virginia.