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Landscape Companies are only as good as what they achieve today. Years of experience and how long you are in business only go so far. The real differentiator is your ‘PEOPLE’; and yes, that is what truly defines our company. Our ‘Core Values’ say it clearly, commutate with clarity, Embrace Innovation, Promote TEAM Work, Demand Quality an most of all Have Fun Everyday.

The only way to create great things every day is with great people who truly enjoy their job. We make sure we only
hire the best and train the most. Talent goes beyond a keen eye for details in the field or a great landscape design or
even qualifications on a piece of paper. As cheesy as it sounds, we live and breathe what we do, we’re enthusiastic, take pride and strive to be the best every day.

After all, there is a reason why we work hard to make our business ‘OUR HAPPY PLACE’
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Howard Rose

Chief Executive Officer

Howard Rose joined BCLS as the Chief Operating Officer in September of 2013 and was promoted to Chief Executive Officer in 2022. While managing all of the day-to-day operations at BCLS, from landscape management to design-build and corporate governance, and of course is the face of our Paver Patios division…..

Steven Cohen

Chief Visionary Officer

Steven Cohen is the Chief Visionary Officer of PrimeSites Landscape Group Holdings, LLC and a principal in GreenMark Consulting Group–a leading landscape and snow business management consulting firm with clients throughout North America……

Melannie Huber-Cohen

Vice President Finance
Administrative Services

Melannie is always bright, personable and ready to help. She plays a key role in the BCLS organization by coordinating the oversight of all internal operations. Because of her experience in the industry, she has an excellent understanding of the needs of a diverse landscape company. A motivated and an experienced problem-solver, Melannie brings over ten years of office management and finance knowledge. Melannie has a degree in Business Finance from American University in Washington D.C….


Amada Cerritos

Operations Assistant

Amada joined the BCLS Landscape Services TEAM in 2021 as our Operations Assistant. Amada is a Native of Richmond, who enjoys reading, and exploring.

Carlos Salinas

Field Operations Manager

Carlos Salinas has been with BCLS since 2010, where he started out as the District Manager for our Fredericksburg, VA office. Carlos’ passion for customer service, operations management, and employee relations has allowed him to promote within the BCLS organization…

Mark Clements

Field Operations Manager

Mark has been with us for several years, starting as a Landscape Management Supervisor. The Virginia Tech graduate was recently promoted to Field Operations Manager for the Richmond area…

Danny Brown

Field Operations Manager, Fredericksburg

Danny rejoined BCLS Landscape Services Fredericksburg TEAM as our Field Operations Manager in 2020.


Angelo Akins

Field Operations Manager

Angelo joined BCLS 2020 in a Landscape Management Supervisor role and was recently promoted to Field Operations Manager. Angelo is a graduate of Virginia State University and is married with a daughter.


Jonathan Hall

Assistant Field Operations Manager

Joanthan Hall joined BCLS Landscape Services in 2022 as an Assistant Field Operations Manager, focusing on our Landscape Enhancement division. Jonathan is a recent graduate of East Coast Polytechnic Institute…..

Ken Mutter

Staff Horticulturist

Ken joined BCLS Landscape Services in 2016, and has become our resident plant expert. He helps train our TEAMS on which plant species are invasive to our natural habitats, and how to best care for the ones at the properties that we service…

Reynaldo Lopez Gonzalez

Landscape Installation Supervisor

Rey, as he is known to us at BCLS, helps run our hardscape division. He has been with the company for over 10 years. We always say, “If it’s broken, Rey can repair it or rebuild it!” Rey is like family to us and his commitment to the organization is unwavering. A tireless TEAM member, it’s not unusual for us to have to tell Rey to go home and get some rest….

Justin Nunnally

Assistant Field Operations Manager – Landscape Installation

Justin Joined BCLS in 2019 as an installation Foreman. Justin has four children and lives with his wife in Henrico. In his free time, he enjoys camping, bowling, and woodworking.

Jesus Cuevas Garrido

Paver Patio Foreman

Jesus joined BCLS as our Paver Patio Foreman in 2021. Jesus loves the challenge of his job and, of course, building patios. Jesus resides in Henrico with his wife and son…


Robert Jones

Fleet and Safety Manager

Robert joined us in 2022 as our Fleet and Safety Manager. Robert and his wife Ashley have one child, and you can find him watching racing or fishing in his free time.

Alfredo Solar

Landscape Installation Foreman

Alfredo joined our TEAM in 2020 as a Landscape Installation Foreman. A native of Puerto Rico, Alfredo is married with 3 children.

Jeremy Keiser

Landscape Installation Foreman

Jeremy joined us in 2020 as a Landscape Installation Foreman. He is a graduate of Penn Tech, where he earned an Electrical Engineering degree. He enjoys rock climbing…

Marcelino Robles

Landscape Installation Foreman

Marcelino has been with the BCLS TEAM since 2010. An H2B employee, Marcelino is a resident of Mexico and spends every Spring through Fall helping our Hardscape division…

Rigaberto Ganica

Landscape Installation Foreman

Rigaberto joined BCLS as a Landscape Installation Foreman 2020. Rigaberto enjoys soccer, spending time with his family, and chicken soup…


Justin Hall

Landscape Maintenance Supervisor

Justin Hall joined BCLS Landscape Services in 2022 as one of our Landscape Maintenance Supervisors. Justin resides in Midlothian with his wife and three children…..

Andres Andrade

Landscape Management Supervisor

Andres joined BCLS Landscape Services in 2012 and is here every Spring and Summer through the H2B program. A hard working and dedicated supervisor, Andres loves to see his TEAM learn new ways to maintain commercial landscapes and loves nature….

Angel Perez

Landscape Management Supervisor

Angel has been part of our TEAM since 2012 through the H2B program as a Lawn Maintenance Supervisor. He enjoys teaching his TEAM the proper way to manage larger properties…

Carlos Morales

Landscape Management Supervisor

Carlos joined the BCLS Team in 2020 and said the best part of being here is the atmosphere. He lives in Richmond with his wife and 2 children…

Carlos Nava Valadez

Landscape Management Supervisor

Carlos is part of our Landscape Management Supervisor TEAM and joined us in 2021. Carlos has 2 children and enjoys his off time watching soccer and spending time with his family…

Crystal Updike

Landscape Management Supervisor

Crystal joined the BCLS TEAM in 2020 as our only female Supervisor. She and her girlfriend live in Ashland, where she enjoys fishing, shopping, and going to the movies…..

Jay Burke

Landscape Management Supervisor

Jay joined the BCLS TEAM in 2017 as a Lawn Maintenance Supervisor at our Fredericksburg office. A graduate of Elon University, Jay’s favorite part of being a TEAM member is the teamwork and the chance to enjoy nature….

Jose Botello Sanchez

Landscape Management Supervisor

Jose is part of our H2B program and has spent his Spring through Fall here in Ashland since 2012. What he likes best about working at BCLS is the hardworking people, top equipment, and organized staff…

Jose Rivera

Landscape Management Supervisor

Jose joined the BCLS TEAM in 2020. He is a father of 3 and enjoys Mexican food and watching soccer and Netflix…

Junior Hernandez

Landscape Management Supervisor

Junior joined us in 2019 as part of our Landscape Management Supervisor TEAM. He enjoys Italian food, volleyball, and making flower arrangements. His favorite part of being part of our Team is…

Steven Smith

Landscape Management Supervisor

Steven joined BCLS Landscape Services in 2015 as a Lawn Maintenance Supervisor. He loves the challenge of taking care of different types of properties with his TEAM…..

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