Howard Rose

Chief Executive Officer
Brief info

Howard Rose joined BCLS as the Chief Operating Officer in September of 2013 after an eighteen-year career at a national retail chain serving as Senior Vice President of Real Estate. While managing all of the day-to-day operations at BCLS, from landscape management to design-build and corporate governance, Howard successfully motivates and drives the company’s direction.

Howard is forward-thinking with an “employee-first” mindset, and this attitude spills over into our company culture. He has said, “There is a pretty good chance most of my employees won’t retire while working for BCLS, so my goal is for everyone to grow personally and professionally from their association with BCLS!”

Howard holds a Class A contractor’s license for the Commonwealth of Virginia and a commercial pesticide certification for Core, 3A, and 3B classifications. A sales associate at heart, Howard frequently attends sales calls and will not hesitate to help on projects, no matter the size.