What Is a “Great” Landscape?

What Is a “Great” Landscape?

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Since I have the audacity to call this blog “great Landscapes” and to offer advice for creating such places, I think I’d better start out by defining what I mean by great. From my perspective, a great landscape possesses these three basic qualities:

  • Formal Landscape Design Build - BCLS Landscape ServicesIt’s functional and conforms to your everyday living in some fashion.
  • It harmoniously blends man-made structure with an array of natural elements.
  • It offers seasonal interest as well-as year-round beauty

These attributes in my opinion are the necessary elements of a landscape that works well and feels right, which I call are ‘feel good’ environments.

Let’s now talk about comfortable outdoor spaces…

What makes outdoor spaces comfortable? The answer naturally varies with who we are and where we live. In my experience, however, there are a few conditions that nearly always lead to comfort and ease.

First, a landscape should contain a place for people (several, a few, or just one) to enjoy being outdoors. This space should be just the right size for the intended use, not too big and, if possible, not too small. Outdoor Living and Recreational Area Landscaping - BCLS Landscape ServicesIt should be relatively convenient to get into and out of, meaning not too far away from, and not too many steps above or below, the door that leads to it. This, of course, is unless the space itself is intended to be a separate destination or meditative “away” place, in which case the getting there should be part of the fun.

Whatever its size and purpose, every outdoor gathering space should be interesting or unique in itself, and not just a copy of commonplace ideas. If possible, some degree of privacy is desirable, as are focal opportunities for warmth during cold times and cooling during hot times, and some scene or to visually enjoy.

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