Landscaping with Mature Trees

Landscaping with Mature Trees

BCLS Residential Landscape Services in Central Virginia

BCLS Residential Landscaping Services

What is the most priceless object in the landscape?

If you guessed a mature tree, you are right.

A large shade or flowering tree is irreplaceable. It provides shade and cooling in summer, and it can reduce the cold blasts of winter wind. It gives a new landscape the appearance of being established and in scale with the nearby architecture. For many of us, a beautiful tree has great sentimental value.

In fact, Frederick Law Olmsted installed thousands of mature trees in Central Park in the 1870s and on the grounds of Biltmore, the North Carolina estate of G. W. Vanderbilt, famous for his passion for trees.

Focal Point Tree Planting of Mugo Pine in Waterfeature - BCLS Landscape ServicesLarge plant materials and mature trees can be utilized to create a focal point in the garden. Bringing scale using well-sized materials brings an immediate visual impact to the design. When designing using larger-sized plants, you must choose plants based on their structure to perform a specific function or because it is unusual to see a large plant of that specific type in a landscaped environment.

While trees do not need to be 40’ in height to add visual appeal, you must use plants that match the scale of the structure or environment you are designing. Plants must be chosen carefully as the small-medium today could be huge in, say, ten years.


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