Make Staycationing During Covid-19 Doable

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Make Staycationing During Covid-19 Doable

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A twist on vacations is staycations. Staycations have been popular for the past 13 years or so.

Staycations started to gain popularity during the recession of 2007. In the age of Covid-19, the idea of staycations is gaining a resurgence as many families rethink their summer plans.

You can enjoy your outdoor living spaces. While you were sheltering-in-place in early spring, what areas did you think could use a change? How about a cabana down by the pool or a patio in that nook over by the trees?

You can dream and plan how you can make your outdoor living spaces a staycation spot this summer.

Your Staycation, Covid-19 and Your Guests

As Central Virginia starts to open up, it’s natural to think that you can start having people over to enjoy your fire pit or to eat dinner. But is it safe?

According to, no more than 10 people can be at an outdoor gathering. As the commonwealth begins to open up again, gathering restrictions should loosen up too.

Did you know that being outside is healthier than congregating inside your home? Think about it. If you’re entertaining around a fire pit or an outdoor living space, the air ventilation is perfect for dispersing the virus.

Meanwhile, there’s reduced air ventilation inside your home. People tend to stand or sit closer to each other when gathering. So, it’s easier to spread Covid-19 while staying inside.

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Set up the expectations before your outdoor party that you and your family desire all guests to follow CDC guidelines:

  1. It’s up to you if you’re going to require your guests to wear face masks.
  2. Everyone must wash their hands.
  3. Everyone must socialize outside.
  4. Everyone should keep a 6’ distance from the person they’re talking to.
  5. Remind your guests that if they’re a high risk or have been exposed to Coronavirus, they should stay home rather than risk infecting others.
  6. Keep your gathering small, even if VA allows for larger gatherings. You can control the risk better.
  7. Keep communication lines open with your guests.
  8. Only invite those folks who’ll respect you and will follow house guidelines.

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How to Make Your Outdoor Living Space a Reality

Now comes the fun part. You’ve decided that you want your family to staycation this year rather than chancing it at an Airbnb or a hotel. So, what’s the first step?

In early spring, while you were sheltering-in-place, were your eyes drawn to your backyard? If so, did you envision how you would like it to be?

If not, you need to research outdoor living. Popular websites, such as HGTV and Houzz, show you different ways to transform your backyard into a living space.

Find home and garden magazines to discover backyard room ideas. Here are seven ideas to get you started:

  • Decide the purpose of your outdoor spaces. Do you have young kids and plan on having outdoor playdates by the pool? Are you retired and want to enjoy your outdoor space with your friends? Do you want to host fall tailgate parties during football season?
  • Aim to have a blended space. You want your indoors and outdoors to seamlessly mesh. French doors, sliding patio doors, or a large window all serve to bring the inside out.
  • Match the flooring. This may be a little tricky. Yet, you can complement the indoors and outdoors with similar flooring. You can also connect the flooring by a ramp or steps moving from inside to the outdoor room.
  • Install walkways, paths, and seat walls to connect your outdoor living, dining, and cooking spaces.
  • Cover up your outdoor spaces. Another way to intersect the indoor with the outdoor space is by covering your outdoor rooms. Your guests will thank you too. Pergolas, pavilion covers, and retractable awnings to protect your guests from the sun, rain and wind. 
  • Build a screened-in a porch or patio. You can still enjoy the outdoors, but not the bugs that come with it.
  • Love to cook and entertain? Then, make your outdoor space into a bar/kitchen combo with ample seating. You can entertain while grilling and preparing the evening meal. Outdoor refrigeration allows you to keep wine, beer, soda, and other beverages cold.

How BCLS Landscape Services Bring Your Indoor Spaces Outside

At BCLS Landscape Services, we’re central Virginia’s premier landscape design/build company. We specialize in integrated landscape solutions. Here are our residential hardscape services:

  • Patios, terraces, walls, and walkways
  • Pergolas, arbors, and fences
  • Pools, ponds, and fountains
  • Sports courts
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Permeable patios
  • Bluestone patios, steps and terraces
  • Exterior lighting
  • Furnishing and garden accents
  • Outdoor and garden furniture.

If you want to staycation this summer, then you need to call us at BCLS Landscape Services right away at 804-752-0052 or fill out our contact form.

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