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You Just Bought a New Home

Central Virginia New Home Yard Grading

Now What?

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So, you just made the biggest purchase of your life. You’ve moved into a new home, you have unpacked and your new home is starting to have the comforts of ‘Home’.  You know have some time to somewhat relax. Stepping outside to survey your new property, you get that feeling of uneasy again. So many ideas, but where to start?

Fresh Sod at New ConstructionThese feelings are not uncommon for new homeowners, so rest assure you are not alone. BCLS Landscape Services has been helping Richmond and Central Virginia homeowners develop sensible approaches to planning your landscape and then executing the project in a way that fits both your vision and budget.

Here are some basic guidelines to keep in mind during the thought process.

First, what role do you want your yard to play? A space for entertaining people? Such as an outdoor living environment, perhaps a firepit or fireplace. Maybe an outdoor kitchen. Maybe, it’s the complete opposite and it’s a tranquil space for solitude? Other things that you must consider are style and the seasonal use and seasonal interest you would like to see. Then it’s your budget. As with designing your new home, a budget is critical to making your dream yard a reality without needlessly blowing through money.

Another option is discovering the ‘bigger picture’. Having what is called a master plan allows you to have a big picture look at all the potential hardscape and landscape features for your new home in one plan. A master plan is a great way to phase landscape projects over a longer period of time.

All good landscape and hardscape work happens with good planning. Hardscape features like decks, lighting, pools, New Construction Patio and Landscaping fountains and walkways should go in first. Then, build around them with foundation trees and shrubs. These take some time to get established, but in the meantime, you can augment them with seasonal color and accent plants such as perennials and groundcovers.

The experts at BCLS Landscape Services can make recommendations that will help you turn your vision into reality. Again, sticking to a plan and a budget will keep you from getting overwhelmed when you’re walking your property on the next sunny day.

Don’t forget to ask for help! At BCLS Landscape Services we are here to help you design, build and even maintain your homes landscaped environment. Contact us at