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On any residential home landscape improvements can make a tremendous difference in the look, usefulness and value of your home. Planning your landscaping needs usually involves either a simple sketch, a partial site drawing, or sometimes what is known as a master plan. To understand the different type of design services available let me explain a little about each one.

BCLS Landscape Services Residential Landscaping DesignLANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE SERVICES are typically performed by licensed professionals who provide formal landscape design services, which integrate softscape (plant material) and hardscape (masonry, fencing, etc…) elements and often require coordination with other licensed professionals such as architects and engineers.  Landscape architectural drawings begin as informal sketches and eventually become technical or CAD drawings. There are many types and phases of landscape architectural services: Site Analysis, Conceptual Design, Schematic Design, Master Plans, Design Development, Construction Documentation, Bid Phase Services and Construction Administration.  The design is developed over a series of meetings with the client and other design professionals; the number of meetings is determined by the scope of the work. These designed often cost several thousands of dollars but allow you to have a comprehensive look at your project and often a carefully budgeted cost analysis.

Residential Landscape Design in Central Virginia - BCLS Landscape Services

LANDSCAPE & GARDEN DESIGN SERVICES are typically provided by individuals who have formal education and a degree in ornamental horticulture or landscape architecture.  These services lean towards the semi-formal design practices, typically a series of design sketches, schematic landscape plan or planting plan are created.  Landscape and Garden designs focus on planting design and often integrate hardscape elements (patios, fences, water features, etc.…) into the overall site design and identify potential materials; formal construction drawings are not created, the details are left up to the contractor. These are often created and rendered by hand, occasionally will be converted to CAD drawings. Typically, these types of designs are developed over a series of three-five meetings with the owner and the design professional.

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LASTLY; LANDSCAPE CONSULTATIVE SERVICES; Landscape Consultations are basic landscape design service, appropriate for smaller projects such as foundation plantings or garden renovations that do require any drawings.  Typically, a designer will meet with you to discuss your landscape preferences and needs and provide you with a written proposal and price estimate.

Whatever type of design services you choose, our design philosophy at BCLS Landscape Services is focused on creating a timeless landscaped environment which blends man-made structure with elements of our natural environments. We pride ourselves on the fact that our personal design aesthetics vary dramatically project to project.

If you are looking for a simple landscape renovation or a complex master plan, BCLS Landscape Services will meet your needs on all levels.

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