VCU School of Nursing 125 Celebration Time Capsule

VCU School of Nursing Celebrates 125 Years as a Trailblazer in Nursing Education

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To Mark the Celebration, the School Placed a Time Capsule in One of its Outdoor Gardens

BCLS Landscape Services of Central Virginia

BCLS Landscape Services was proud to assist in the process by excavating for the capsule and providing the inscribed stone for the special occasion at the schools Younger Pavilion.

BCLS Landscape Services Chief Visionary Officer Steven Cohen said….’While this project was small, it truly marks a special day in the history of the school of nursing and we are very proud that the VCU Facilities team asked us to be VCU Time Capsule Placement BCLS Landscape Servicesinvolved’

The prior day featured a lecture, time capsule dedication and the debut of a display in the school’s Heritage Room showcasing stories of six St. Philip School of Nursing alumnae. MCV School of Nursing founded the St. Philip School of Nursing in 1920 to educate African American women during segregation and to provide nursing care for patients in the St. Philip Hospital.

Another gala highlight was a silent auction of two original artworks and one print donated by Baxter Perkinson, D.D.S., a past rector of VCU and avid watercolorist. The print was titled “When Nursing Flowered” in honor of the school’s 125th anniversary. Proceeds from the silent auction went toward the VCU School of Nursing 125th Anniversary Scholarship.

Finished Time Capsule Plot BCLS Landscape Services Richmond

Burial of time capsule BCLS Landscape Services Richmond

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