Getting Ready for Hurricane Florence

Preparing Richmond & Central Virginia

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for a Possible Hurricane|Tropical Storm

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While we have not had an actual Hurricane in Richmond or Central Virginia for some time, the first threat for the season, Florence, is making her journey towards the East Coast of the United States with possible impact on Virginia. Hurricane Preparedness Tips BCLS Landscape Services Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency Saturday in anticipation of the potential impact of Tropical Storm Florence, which the National Weather Service expected to become a “dangerous major hurricane.”

While the track remains uncertain, we must prepare regardless whether it’s a hurricane or tropical storm. While tropical storms often don’t cause as much damage as hurricanes, it is still important to prepare for them, as they can still cause a great deal of damage. Before the storm hits, there are a few precautions that homeowners should take to mitigate any potential damage to their property:

Storm Readiness List:

  • Make sure your property is safe. Cut any tree limbs that may cause damage to the home if impacted by strong winds. Board up any windows if necessary;
  • Store an adequate amount of supplies and water in the event the power goes out; Storm Supplies Kit BCLS Landscape Services
  • Take any precautions necessary to protect against flooding, such as sandbagging;
  • Bring in any items from outside that could cause damage if high winds occur.
  • Homeowner or residents should check their insurance policies and familiarize themselves with their coverage. It is important to remember that standard homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover flood damage. Flood coverage is available as a separate policy and can be obtained from the National Flood Insurance Program and a few private insurers.
  • After the storm, take notes and pictures of any damage that has occurred and promptly report it to your insurance company. Take an inventory of any damaged personal property. If temporary repairs are necessary to prevent the damage from worsening, those mitigating measures should be taken. Obtain any invoices or receipts, as they will be important to resolve your insurance claim. No permanent repairs should be done until after the insurance company has had an opportunity to inspect.

While this is an early jump-start to a possible major storm event in Richmond and Central Virginia this week, take some time to prepare yourselves and protect your home before a disaster strikes.

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