Paver Patio Basics for Richmond Homeowners…

Looking to build a new patio at your Richmond VA home this spring?

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 Here is some basic information about how a patio is constructed.

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Installed Patio RichmondTypical paver patios are structures composed of layers of different materials, which are most commonly constructed on the ground, so people can walk or entertain on them safely and comfortably. Its top layer is formed by concrete paving stones, placed on a layer of sand and gravel and with a seal of special sand between their joints. These constructions are also known as flexible pavements and the pieces come in a wide range of shapes and colors. The patios made of pavers are an old idea (the cobble stone roads and plazas), brought to the present, but with a new material (concrete); with immense advantages over stone or baked clay.

The advantages of these patios are based on the fact that the surface layer is made of prefabricated pieces by commercial producers. For its construction, typically little machinery is used (basically a small skid-steer, plate tamper and a cut-off saw or brick breaker) and a plenty of hand labor.

This structure does not use glue or concrete because is united by compaction, and can last many years so long as it was constructed properly. When minor repairs are necessary, you most often can repair by removing and thereafter replacing with the same stone. All the materials to build these patios are ready to be used, it is not necessary to mix or combine so it can be built and put into use in the same day. A patio is built on a base that is designed to resist any type of traffic and properly constructed can easily filter rainwater.

The paving stones themselves are produced in a machine using different types of molds. Pavers come in an array of shapes and sizes. Patios themselves can be designed in many shapes and styles and with such add-on features such a seat-walls, fire-pits, fireplaces and water features.

So if you are thinking that you need to do something with that muddy backyard or are looking to have an outdoor entertaining area at the bottom off the backyard steps or driveway, a paver patio might be the right solution.

While paver patios can be DIY, it is suggested that you contract with a paver patio specialist. Paver patio specialists are often well-trained in the design and construction of outdoor living areas and also have been trained in construction techniques. Certified paver installers have ICPI Certification which means they have attended classroom and hands-on training.

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