What’s Trending in Landscape Design for 2021

Looking Forward: What’s Trending

in Landscape Design for 2021

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Are you tired of being cooped up and away from family and friends? Then, there’s good news for you. Spring will return, and you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor living areas and gardens again. Hopefully, you’ll be able to host larger gatherings thanks to the new vaccines.

As you turn the calendar from 2020 to 2021, you can start dreaming about how you want to enhance your backyard living areas. After the winter holidays, call your local landscape designer to make your dreams a reality.

2021 Garden Trends

Many folks turned to fruit and vegetable gardening in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many younger homeowners will continue to employ edible gardening into the spring of 2021. According to the annual Garden Trends Report 2021, there were 16 million new gardeners because of the pandemic.

If you’re a homeowner who loves to garden, then you may want your gardening space expanded to include a Victory Garden in 2021. Plant peas, pumpkins, lettuce, beans, and a whole host of other vegetables. Consider adding fruit trees, such as apple, cherry, or peach, into your garden space.

Other 2021 gardening trends include less lawn and more native plants to attract pollinators and other critters. The National Wildlife Federation’s Garden for Wildlife Initiative encourages homeowners to remember the critters that visit your property by providing a space for

  • Water


  • Food


  • Shelter.

If you’re a young homeowner with a family, you want more kid-friendly spaces, such as swing sets or a small area for playing whiffle ball and soccer in the backyard. Many parents enrich their children’s education by getting them involved in gardening and other nature activities.

And many homeowners want spaces to relax, so they invest in meditation gardens, natural privacy screens, and covered patios for yoga practice.

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Other landscape design trends for 2021 include using less mulch and making properties looking less manicured. Instead, younger homeowners want to use more stone and more natural landscaping.

The bottom line: Most homeowners will continue to spend time outdoors on their property in 2021.

Trending Plants in 2021

As stated above, herb and vegetable gardens, fruit trees, fruit bushes, and fruit vines will continue to grow in popularity. Folks are worried about food shortages and the health of their family which drives at-home gardening.

According to the Garden Trends Report, 67% of adults currently grow herbs, vegetables, and fruits, such as berries. And the trend continues to grow.

Many young families see the benefits of planting more trees in their landscapes too. You’ll find that trees increase your property’s value, keeps your home cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter.

Plus, trees absorb carbon dioxide and thrive well despite climate change. Trees also prevent erosion and provide a home for birds.

Native gardening, cut-flower gardens, and meadow landscaping will gain more traction as well. Folks want a diversified backyard that includes less lawn and more natural meadow-type landscaping.

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If you’re new to vegetable gardening or you have a small patio area in your backyard, then you want to invest in mini-plants. Small vegetable plants grow faster, and they have a higher success rate. Some of these mini vegetable plants include:

  • Micro-tomato plants


  • Mini-bell peppers


  • Dwarf squashes


  • Sprouts


  • Micro-greens.

Outdoor Living Trends for 2021

While the Covid-19 vaccine will allow all of us to get out and about, some will still want to enjoy their outdoor living spaces in 2021. Homeowners have been investing in bringing the indoors outside for the past 15 years or so.

Here are some outdoor trends that should continue in 2021:

  • Privacy screening: Homeowners want to feel that they’re secluded in their backyards. Plus, privacy screening blocks traffic noise and hides commercial buildings.


  • Patio coverings: Since the start of Covid-19 in mid-March, people want to enjoy their outdoor spaces for as long as possible. Covered outdoor kitchen and living rooms allow you to use your outdoor space in all types of weather.


  • Some folks will still afford the luxuries of outdoor living: While the state of the economy will be recovering in the spring, there will be homeowners who still want the extras to make their outdoor living spaces rock.

Grill centers, for example, including side burners, task lighting, and warming drawers mean less running inside to fetch something out of the oven.

Finding the Best Landscape Designer Near You

If you live in Central Virginia and want the best landscape designer, look no further than BCLS Landscape Services. At BCLS Landscape Services, we provide you with integrated landscape solutions for your property, including

  • Design and Build


  • Landscape Maintenance


  • Estate Gardening


  • Urban Living


  • Pre-packaged Outdoor Living Environments.

Make your appointment today by calling us at (804) 752-0052 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to working with you to create your 2021 landscape and garden designs.

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